The New Training Dimension

Do your training and development measures have no lasting effect? Would you like your managers, specialists and young talents to have long time support and stimuli during their average work day? Do you have to quickly reach large groups, even some which are globally spread out? Does cost-performance ratio play a decisive role in your training efforts?

Leadership, Management, Sales – stay ahead with VISCARO™

Modular set up in several languages and medium (internet, card sets and handbook) with reliable contents, prepared by our diverse and experienced experts:

  • Regular impulses, restoring and update by repeated presentation of action and knowledge units (VISCARO™ Impulse Run).
  • Fast effective – clear focus on practice oriented core of a subject.
  • Package programs 'leadership excellence', 'management excellence' and 'sales excellence' available standardized or with content tailored individually to your needs.
  • If required, a comprehensive skills team made up of your management and our experts can design individual topics.
  • Game-like performance and knowledge tests with anonymous group analogy.
  • Personal action (coaching, training and workshop) can be scheduled at any time.
  • Very easy to use, functions on all end devices, no App required.

Relevant Action-oriented Topics

VISCARO™ prepares relevant contemporary leadership and management topics for all industries and types of companies. The goal: Optimal performance in the communicative and active business world.

See an excerpt from our catalogue of topics:

–> Appearance
–> Change Management
–> Communication
–> Complaint Management
–> Conflict Resolution
–> Conversational Skills
–> Client Management
–> Crisis Management
–> Decision-Making
–> Leadership
–> Leadership Communication
–> Leadership Techniques
–> Leading Negotiations
–> Management Techniques
–> Marketing Management
–> Meeting Management
–> Problem Solving Techniques
–> Project Management
–> Reporting
–> Rhetoric
–> Self Management
–> Sales & Key Account Management
–> Sales Presentation Techniques

Executives, Talents, Project Teams and Teams with Client Contact

VISCARO™ is the dynamic web-based system for qualifying executive managers, experts and talent who often have external and internal customer interaction.

Client and project management determine substantial parts of day to day company life and require agile, communicative work processes. Executive managers, experts, assistants and young talent have to master the commensurate major challenges in these operational areas. Any delay, conflict, weakness or lack of clarity will have a direct impact on the client and is a threat to success. The requirements of contact management, client analysis and negotiating terms are existential in sales – your employees are your ambassadors.

It is very important that your team has quickly effective support available at all times. VISCARO™ elegantly guarantees you reasonably priced tailored assistance and qualification online.

Proven Content and Case Examples in Practice

The success mix: We continue to advise and train executives and experts from most German DAX-group companies, from numerous Fortune 500 companies and many mid-sized Hidden Champions. The knowledge acquired from this forms the basis of all VISCARO™ content and case study examples. Our team also has gained varied practical experience in the industry and from human resources consulting. Continual screening and action-oriented inclusion of the most recent research findings round out the VISCARO™ concept.

Acornpark Executive Briefing™ – Always Informed, Always a Solution Ahead

Acornpark Executive Briefing™ is a service for ambitious and exposed executive managers presented by VISCARO™. As a subscriber to Executive Briefing, you will be informed about current corporate leadership and management. We select the most discussed from a wide variety of topics and reliably and pointedly edit them for you. Our focus is less on analyzing or defining the topic and more on probable immediate effects for you and your team. We provide you with risk observations and positive impulses as well as solutions including leadership and management strategies you can successfully employ under certain conditions to counter a trend.

Remain current with Acornpark Executive Briefing™ – and always have the right answer.

Integrated Qualification and Empowerment On-The-Job of Your Staff

Get quickly available qualifications and empowerment for work groups online with VISCARO™ – individually tailored and available in several languages worldwide.

VISCARO™ specifically supports attendance based measures in training and coaching using a web based application, which significantly increases long-term effects. With VISCARO™ you will be able to reach all digital end user devices or with an additional service, our handbook organizer, as many of your employees as you desire. Nationwide, simple and attractive rates.

Companies and some of the public sector are under constant pressure to train executives and employees if they want to maintain their competitive edge and continue to function effectively. The necessary focal point becomes evident during major change projects and in very dynamic, interactive company divisions such as Sales or Research & Development.

Online support and help desk for attendance based measures

Modern technology offers the possibility here of providing knowledge and information depending on the participants’ schedules and location. Each participant can select the time and place for his/her knowledge intake, exactly as he/she is already accustomed to doing with many digital applications during their average day. Even if attendance based measures cannot be avoided, particularly in the case of behavior related and social learning content, the overall effort can be significantly reduced. This is where VISCARO™ acts by presenting both individual participants and participating groups with specific and individualized units of knowledge for preparation and follow up.

High application flexibility, contents which can be individualized

The system is specifically designed for high flexibility and rapid information absorption. Complex and monolithic scenario models fall by the wayside in favor of being presented in the form of picture supported learning cards, which have additional interactive graphics when necessary. The uniform layout, if required, with specific corporate logo allows new content to be adapted very quickly with a very high level of recognition in VISCARO™.

Control with knowledge tests and quiz

In order to control success, each knowledge unit can be assigned a quiz type question. A participant can display his/her competence as part of a game or a binding test and compare his/her results anonymously with other participants. As a rule, this competitive effect significantly increases acceptance and the desire to deal with the contents.

Online Portal and Hand Book or Organizer Version

VISCARO™ can be controlled from all end user devices which can display websites online by browser. Apps are not required. Participants are truly able to use our service with great ease. And companies incur almost no system related expense as a result.

Each virtual learning card is also available as a high quality DIN-A5 card from a selected printer. Entire VISCARO™ organizers are available as well. This allows each participant to add his/her own notes and expand the learning experience in terms of its non verbal communication components.