Controllership Action

We establish with you a modern controlling for better reports and decisions in the hybrid and multidimensional working world.

Your Advantages Through This Service at a Glance:

  • Introduction of performance management processes that significantly shorten decision cycles and better adapt decisions to an increasingly agile business reality.
  • Introduction or adjustment of Objectives & Key Results (OKR) as a framework to steer agile controlling approaches.
  • Adapting the organization of programs and projects to volatile economic conditions such as in investment controlling.
  • Qualified and communication-adept controllers, who prioritize their findings, make them easy to comprehend, classify and present them clearly.
  • In addition to numbers, access to involved experts' personal assessments thus expanded basis for effective decision making.
  • Meaningful, clear and reliable reports and decision making basis.
  • Cleared up information and presentations through our systematic lean communication concept.

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Controlling – that reminds you of key indicators and IT tools. However, we are more interested in the most forgotten component: Humans

In particular, well organized companies with elaborate and complex controlling systems tend to focus solely on numbers. It is seemingly advantageous to compile and measure almost everything, which sometimes becomes disadvantageous. When there is no longer a direct view or the message from the front is no longer willingly heard, one inevitably goes astray. Decision-making basics lose their validity in an insidious manner.

On the other hand, controllers are forced to run their complex systems for compiling, processing and eventually presenting desired numbers and parameters. Unfortunately, the result is often a jumbled transparency or excessive reports and thinking along is only if one chooses to do so; it is no longer required.

This is where we take action. We qualify executives and specialists to set the right priorities in their reports and presentations and to communicate insights in a target oriented, clear and convincing manner. Bad news should not be veiled, and one has to get to heart of information. One’s conclusions and recommendation(s) should be weighed on the one hand and ideally accompanied by alternatives. They should also be presented convincingly and clearly. We will support you in establishing controllership as an active and effective service function for operational management at your company.

The most important post decision finding is consistent implementation. This is also the reason why our service is called "Controllership Action".

When required, we will assess whether your key indicators and parameters are current and meaningful and will develop a new concept with you.

Agile investment forecasting in a capital-intensive environment

Confident and consistent decisions are an essential prerequisite for excellent corporate management. It is often overlooked that excellent decisions can and must be made not only in the boardroom, but also at the management levels below. Particularly in complex, internationally or even globally distributed organizations, systematized effective decision management offers a clear competitive advantage.

In controlling, where decisions are prepared and made, this has long been recognized. Increasingly powerful systems aggregate an ever increasing amount of key figures to elevate or supposedly create transparency. In clearly predictable contexts, this approach has worked well. But what happens when parameters change quickly or constantly, when planning horizons shorten significantly? In this environment more flexibility and communication is required. In other words, controlling must become agile! This is where we come in with our agile model process inspired by Scrum (first presented in Controller Magazin 4/2021).

The advantages of a Scrum-inspired approach are obvious: The process is easy to implement and builds on existing structures. Communication is automatically intensified, which will significantly reduce the risk of misjudgments or even wrong decisions. It also saves additional costs, which can even be quantified in a year-on-year comparison. Agile investment controlling is therefore superior to classic methods.

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