Capability Building by Acornpark®

We stand for leadership and organisation empowerment according to the latest criteria - professional, personal, individual. With our multimedia workshops and qualification measures, we enable successful leadership, communication and change in the modern working world with its classic and new roles. We prefer transparency and simplicity: Our service packages can be booked once at the start and scaled quickly as needed.

What matters most to us: Leadership and related factors such as culture and organization only become a competitive advantage when individually designed and applied. That is why we develop and implement solutions tailored to your own ecosystem.

Formats from Classroom and Hybrid to Live-Over-Web

Our programs are based on a methodologically and didactically fine-tuned mix of proven analysis tools, classic trainings, multimedia solutions, live-over-web events, and personal consulting through to individual coaching.

All course content is also available in our VISCARO™ online library for all end devices: Learning is thus easily possible anytime and anywhere.

High Output Leadership

***Successfully leading organizations in the new working world***

Personnel development and performance management in a new dimension: Based on the principles of Betterworks™ endorsed by John Doerr and our studies (published in Harvard Business Manager), we have developed a unique concept. High Output Leadership™ guarantees the highest focus on results in all scenarios of the modern working world.

Our High Output Seminar Program


***According to the standards of Betterworks™ endorsed by John Doerr***

We offer an exclusive certification, seminar and coaching program around Objectives & Key Results. All programs are based on the content of Betterworks™ endorsed by John Doerr and are available in German and English. Lift your organization to a new OKR performance level with us

Our OKR Seminars & Certification Courses

High Output Workshop

***Sustainable results, developed together***

We guide you through the typical challenges of the new multi-hybrid working world around leadership, OKR and change. In addition to process support, we offer to work on specific issues, such as supporting the creation of product and sprint backlogs or the development of minimum viable products or the introduction of objectives & key results (OKR).

OKR Workshops

Change & Leadership Workshops

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Outcome Design Workshop

***Defining and achieving strategic goals***

While output refers primarily to productivity – albeit targeted – in modern management, outcome stands for the end goals to be achieved. These are considered in a specific, usually longer-term cycle. Outcome is less a product than a desired state or status quo. This can be a strategic positioning, a certain corporate culture or the successful introduction of a product.

In our workshops, we develop with you your desired outcome and the way to achieve it. In our approach, we consider structure, process and culture in a holistic solution.

OKR Workshops

Change & Leadership Workshops

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Organic Value Creation

What distinguishes us and reinforces our team spirit is our lead method, to which all Acornpark colleagues have committed themselves: the "creation of value from the core". We actively involve your team at every stage of the consulting process. Even before we take the first step, we will take e deep dive into your business model, your strategic positioning and your specific needs, learning from your point of view. Only based on this understanding, widely accepted and inspiring solutions can be found. Consequently, we work solely embedded in your teams, not as a separate entity.

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We and many of our clients attach great importance to discretion, which is why we only disclose names in exceptional cases. But we can give you a concrete insight into our work.

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