Acornpark® Leadership Scorecard

Creating Leadership Transparency

Leadership can only be viewed holistically if it is to make a contribution to the company's success. In most companies, leadership has been recognised as a strategically relevant dimension. Accordingly, numerous measures are held to develop talents and experienced managers, ranging from individual coaching to company-wide training programmes.

We view and treat leadership in the context of corporate strategy, organisational set-up and factors related to the individual. In the course of our many years of practice and university research, we have defined 10 building blocks that radiate in concentric circles from the individual into the entire organisation and beyond into the market.

The interdependencies of these building blocks internally and externally determines the dynamics of an organisation's leadership. However, beyond generalised leadership development, targeted development is often difficult, as the status quo and therefore potential for improvement are almost impossible to measure. This is where we come into play with the Acornpark® Leadership Scorecard.  We analyse the assessments and desired weightings per leadership building block in close communication with our clients, according to our proprietary calculation formula.

These calculations result in an overview of points, a leadership picture, the so-called Leadership Topography.

The Leadership Topography provides precise information about which building blocks fall behind the  most and therefore where the greatest potential for improvement can be realised. Deviations between target groups can also be identified - for example, if a surveyed team recognises deficits in the internal building blocks, but assesses the external building blocks as functioning (and vice versa).

The Acornpark® Leadership Scorecard is therefore the ideal tool for creating the Leadership Topography as a decision-making template and implementation compass.