Acornpark Client Scorecard™

Analyzing Your Customers' Preferences to Enable Better Services

How well are you positioned in terms of customer excellence, also when compared to the competition? Which success criteria determine sales and customer management now and in the future? What do global market leaders do differently and what can be adopted from them? How can you better train, coach and qualify your team and improve your management processes?

Overview of Your Main Advantages:

  • Determine status quo: Your sales, distribution and customer management activities are examined and assessed based on what is currently required by procurers in your industry or actual customers.
  • Benchmark externally with your competitors and internally between divisions or branches.
  • Design customized training, qualification measures or organization and process-related changes using rigorous Leaderspoint® Scorecard results.
  • Accurate control of sales, distribution and customer management activities.
  • Customer excellence: Significantly increase degree of effectiveness and efficiency in all activities with existing customers, more new business with first-time customers.
  • Significance: The basic study was published in Harvard Business manager, the German edition of Harvard Business Review.

Learn more about our Market Studies and the Acornpark Client Scorecard™

For the past several years we have continuously analyzed the level of customer excellence of companies which maintain B2B customer relations. The interesting benchmarks here are mainly global market leaders' procurement activities in comparison with suppliers' sales, project management and service. The lesson learned: Whoever succeeds in satisfying and growing with global market leaders long-term, will also inevitably become a champion.

From Harvard Business manager to Acornpark Client Scorecard™

In a basic study with 29 global and European market leaders, we examined and weighted procurer preference and thus suppler-side sales' requirements for the first time systematically. Based on the findings, we developed the Acornpark Client Scorecard™ which enables us to supply any company with a benchmark on performance and its B2B business relations.

This involves adjusting individual parameters and thoroughly illuminating deviations according to their necessity, accuracy or actual scope for improvement as well as discussing this with clients. If desired, we will provide the requisite support for all steps resulting from our findings until these are successfully integrated in your day-to-day business.

The findings and system used in our basic study have been included in the series of publications of Harvard Business manager, the German edition of Harvard Business Review. The complete article can be found here (in German) >>

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