Acornpark® Coaching

Is one of your key managers having a career crisis? Is an important project in jeopardy? Are you seeking a trustworthy and competent partner with whom you can discuss a business strategy or situation? Should key protagonists in a strategically important project be supported in management issues? Or are you in need for individual support as an element of your systematic personnel development?

Overview of Your Main Advantages:

  • Proven method for individual performance enablement in your organization.
  • Concrete and effective support of your executive in exceptional business situations, in change processes and as personal development measures.
  • Integration of proven and innovative management methods, such as lean management, agile working, digitization, or new work, wherever beneficial.
  • Significant increase in the probability of success as related to intended project or business targets.
  • Optional combination with our training format (capability building), resulting in sustained capable executives and manager in terms of your strategy and concrete needs.

Professional Support as an Equal

We understand coaching to be providing executives with support in special situations or as an individual element within personnel development programs – as equals with respect and honesty. Trust is very rare commodity and the higher executives climb in the hierarchy, the more lonely it becomes. Even experienced executives and managers can significantly increase their effectiveness when faced with especially complex undertakings and situations, if they have regular interchanges with an experienced contact.

Avoid Recurring Errors, Increase Effectiveness

Our asset is primarily focusing on processing management issues. We give our clients a competent and fair reply to strategies, plans and situations. We make clear evaluations by all means even if these are not in agreement with the client’s own assessment. We not consider ourselves to be a cheering section or non-binding reflectors but advisors to the best of those individuals we are able to support. We are an active sounding board.

It goes without saying that we bring in our experience and knowledge also about the latest methods and trends such as agilisation and digitalisation.

Discreet Service, Concrete Added Value

Our assignments are often tied to concrete business situations such as when a strategically important project appears to be failing. If desired, we can be highly discreet. We support and advise one or several key management team members without informing the project team or company. All meetings and possible qualification measures take place at neutral locations. This approach has the advantage that the protagonists save face in all situations and external participation in relevant corporate decisions is not obvious. Such management re-enforcement can be decisive to project success.