High Output Leadership™

Today’s working world is shifting from top-down to multihybrid organizations: agility and linearity must be harmonized with working in the office and from home. The resulting dynamics impose new demands on leaders and project managers, namely multidynamic leadership skills. Multidynamic leadership enables a maximum of freedom and flexibility while providing orientation at every stage on the way to fulfillment. This new approach does not necessarily eliminate established skills, but leaders must apply them aligned with the new demands. We help your leaders navigate the new working world.

Personnel development and performance management in a new dimension: Based on the findings of our studies (published in Harvard Business Manager), we have developed a unique concept in High Output Leadership™. We rethink leadership and adapt classic elements to the new world of work, in which people act at eye level and on a basis of trust.

Your Advantages Through This Service at a Glance:

  • Training, coaching and qualifying of your executives, expertes and talents in selected success-critical leadership and management disciplines - all rethought and adapted to the new working world:
    –> Key tasks of leaders in a multihybrid organization
    –> Integrating agile and linear leadership elements
    –> Integrating teams on campus and remote
    –> Leaders' rhetoric and communication across all relevant media
    –> Convincing appearance and acting as top manager
    –> High impact presentation
    –> Effective problem solving
    –> Decision making management
    –> Meeting management
    –> Change management
    –> Innovation management
  • Aligment of the High Output mode to the strategic goals ("outcome") of your organization.
  • Course content tailored to your requirement and personal, business and process level.
  • Optimal preparation of your young talents for taking on leadership responsibilities in a high output mode.
  • Presentation and assessment of real-life case studies combined with intensive practical exercises of how to apply new behavior and action properly – following a very hands-on and fast-effective approach.
  • Through VISCARO™, our multimedia learning system, facilitation of a lasting and regularly updated knowledge transfer to all participants. Plus, large groups in multiple locations can easily be reached using the online version.

Leadership & Management: Learn More About Our Services for You

We partner with the modern human resources department, which designs multi-hybrid organizations from agile and linear work in presence and distance. With us, HR is put in a position to optimally support colleagues from the operative business in their most pressing challenges. As seasoned experts, we combine the latest didactic and digital knowledge with many years of practical experience.

Leadership and Business Success

The conforming strategy, which includes mastering important usable daily leadership rules and management techniques, is a competitive advantage which ensures the right decisions and rapid strategy implementation. In addition, leadership behavior determines corporate culture from the top to the most minor ramifications at the base. Successful leadership means making the company successful or additionally so. In practice this requirement mostly reveals concrete qualification needs.

Individual Demand

Not every executive is a dauntless decision maker, nor is every project manager a good conflict solver or every special expert a skilled communicator. In addition some studied leadership, communication or management techniques are no longer effective in many situations because prevailing economic, organizational or cultural circumstances have changed. As most striking trend, the multidynamic organization of agile and linear work in presence and distance becomes the norm.

Successful companies therefore rely on systematic personnel development, which is customized to their own strategic and cultural needs.

Talent Development

Developing your own talents is usually more effective in the long term and more cost-effective than recruiting managers from outside. We thus also tailor our programs for the qualification of internal junior staff. Together with the personnel managers, we develop an individually tailored curriculum of topics that are consistently geared to the needs of the target group. In addition to classic training courses, individual coaching measures are also possible.

Special Situations

What counts for regular operations gains decisive significance in special situations. Special situations demand targeted actions. Successful, effective management therefore requires proportionate tools: Effective management techniques and the ability to rapidly make the right decisions and vigorously implement them.

Interim Managers are employed now and again during crisis management or strategic feats. Although often reasonable in the short-term, this is no long-term solution. In addition not every executive can be exchanged. For corporate success it is of existential importance that particularly the inherent management team also participates. The will to lead and act, which is established and executed at the company, is the top target for successful personnel development.

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High Output Leadership - Our Seminar for Top Performance

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The modern working world is becoming increasingly multi-hybrid: agility and linearity have to be integrated just as much as presence time and home office. The resulting dynamics place new demands on managers. Our High Output Leadership program enables you to achieve excellent results in the new working world, from the top of the company to on-site in the team.

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High Output Leadership - For Talents and Young Leaders

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Developing your own talents is usually more effective in the long term and more cost-effective than recruiting managers from outside. We thus also tailor our programs for the qualification of internal junior staff. In addition to classic training courses, individual coaching measures are also possible.

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