Our Formats

From Knowledge to Execution

We focus on topics at the intersection of people, process and technology. Our senior experts are personally available to assist you in the project. We regard systematic communication and integration of your team as a central success factor, both in the solution we implement and in the project itself.

Bespoke Formats from Classroom to Live-Over-Web

In doing so, we combine process optimization with qualifying your teams (capability building) while harmonizing agile and traditionally operating units. Our programs and tools are based on a precise and aligned methodical and didactical mix of proven instruments for analyses, multimedia solutions, live-over-web lectures and personal support going as far as personal coaching.

Acornpark® Workshops

We offer you the better of two worlds: Workshops are a standard tool for moderation-based analysis and finding solutions. In addition, you can expect clear opinions and recommendations, if the expert voice from outside is demanded and will add value.

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Acornpark® Seminars

Through our seminars, we unleash human development potential at all levels when upscaling is required. Not every manager is a courageous decision-maker, not every project manager a good conflict solver, and not every expert an accomplished communicator. We qualify people in the relevant leadership and management techniques so that they can drive forward the implementation of strategy in a most effective manner.

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Acornpark® Coaching

We understand coaching to be providing executives and managers with support in special situations or as an individual element within personnel development programs – as equals with respect and honesty.

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Knowledge as a Strategic Resource

Securing the future has become a challenge for most companies as a result of advancing digitization. In particular, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things/IoT are increasing the complexity of knowledge acquisition and knowledge transfer in almost all corporate functions. However, companies will only benefit from this if increasingly smart systems and people interact with each other in a target-oriented manner. In addition, many organizations today are set up in a multi-dynamic way; presence time and working from home have to be integrated just as much as agility and linearity.

In the classic sense, the driver of all processes continues to be clearly identified customer needs. Today and in the future, a successful company with an empowered, responsible team serves external and internal customers in a very effective and forward-thinking way: both traditionally and digitally. In us, you will find the experienced and competent partner to achieve this setup quickly and systematically.

Tailored Programs

Our programs include qualifying executives, experts and talents individually in selected, relevant management competencies. Derived by thoroughly analyzing your company and situation we design content, duration and methodology of our measures exclusively based on your requirements and status-quo. If necessary, we drive complete change initiatives including qualifying employees, optimizing processes and organization, customizing to cultures and supporting projects.

Sustainability Through Our Online Library

We highly effectively implement our programs with the help of our unique online library VISCARO™, especially when a large and international audience has to be reached. After years of experience we consider a multi-media and multi-channel approach the only way to achieve lasting people-related results. Accordingly, we support your leaders and staff as individual as possible to guarantee you an optimal outcome at minimal costs.