People+Process Review (PPR)

Targeted Performance Diagnosis as Your Basis for Improvement


What is the expertise and potential of your executives, managers, experts and talents? How well and agile do they manage the processes they drive or are involved in, to what extend are they empowered? How effective and efficient does your organization function? Are the processes agile and rigorously aligned with the external and internal customers’ demands?

Overview of Your Main Advantages:

  • Identify the development potential of your executives, managers, specialists and talents with respect to selected competencies.
  • Identify top performers and high-potential employees.
  • Identify and elaborate improvement potential in selected management processes - particularly with regard to customer excellence, process stability and quality.
  • Determine decision-making fundamentals and key performance indicators for process change and/or capability building initiatives.
  • Systematically prepare measures for change and transformation by identifying strengths and weaknesses.
  • Highly reliable and modifiable results based on our proven and continuously refined system as well as our skilled experts.

"Hard" Facts and Numbers, "Soft" Behavior

Based on our People+Process Review we determine the potential efficiency and effectiveness of processes and corporate functions, which can be enhanced through

a) A customer-oriented, lean process organization

b) A strategy-oriented, targeted management performance/implementation

The goal: Measure both economic feasibility through the organization’s key indicators and active dynamism in order to enable transparency.

We analyze risks, waste and potential intersecting human performance, process organization and controllership. We specifically focus on actual, live processes as well as the data and information basis. Even if process measures and organization within a company are precisely defined – the protagonists all too often have shadow management, which hinders optimal information and work flow.

We therefore critically appraise the respective process, the organization and the tools used. We also illuminate executives’ and specialists’ cultural behavioral patterns, core competencies and qualifications.

Observed – and Saved Money: Visualizing Processes

A significant portion of our People+Process Review can be composed of process visualization, the participants and work package based on priority needs. What one observes is easier to comprehend or even actually correct. During one of our consulting workshops with all participants, the process run including people, process cells and work streams is presented dynamically until the current status is shown in a sufficiently detailed manner. Based on this result, we identify the potential for optimization by modifying the process run, the personal constellation or task allocations.

Multi-dimensional Factor Analysis: Process and Management Performance

Our People+Process Review can be booked in modules or as full service. A full service project will exemanie the following factors:

–> Leadership & Execution

–> Understanding of role: Competence & Qualification

–> Implementation Dynamics

–> Communication

–> Information Management

–> Management Behavior

–> Process Formation

–> Lean / Customer Orientation

–> Work packages, value items (e.g. information), products/deliverables

–> Decision-making Management

–> Information layout and quality / Key Indicators

–> Quality of Decisions

These factors are analyzed and assessed in terms of efficiency and effectiveness from the client’s perspective, which results in a comprehensive overview.

Accordingly, we quantify and qualify the client-oriented innovation and dynamism potential using a self developed balanced system. We do not orient ourselves to management styles. We maintain an independent critical view instead. If, for example, an organization slims down too much, it soon has not much left on his bones. Therefore we focus eually on both the efficiency and effectiveness factors.

Advanced Methods, Experienced Consultants

Our analyses are fundamentally based on a multi-dimensional approach, composed of the following methods:

–> Interviews

–> Workshops

–>  Acornpark Client Scorecard™

–> Management situation analyses (life action watching, work sampling)

–> Quantitative calculations based on specific formulas

–> Qualitative calculations based on specific weightings

Above all, we believe what we see

In addition to proven methods, above all the competence and comprehensive experience of our consultants is decisive for the validity of our management analysis. What we are told during our analysis talks is one thing, but what we see in practice may sometimes be another. This combined approach prevents the formation of statistical artifacts, which is normally the case with standardized impersonal questionnaires.

We weigh all analyzed factors differently based on client need. Thus a precise picture of the situation results.