Capability Building and Knowledge Transfer

Do your executives, managers and talents multiply corporate strategy and do they implement it rigorously? Do your executives decide as quickly and effectively during growth periods and when coping with crises? Do they have the right skillset to drive multidynamic organizations in which working in the office and from home have to be harmonized with an agile and linear work-style?


Overview of Your Main Advantages:

  • Swift, focused and sustained qualification and empowerment of executives, managers and experts in success critical action fields and management competencies.
  • Accelerated and targeted implementation of personnel development and strategic change initiatives, especially in multidynamic organizations.
  • Implementation of strategy creating an aligned, cooperative and client-oriented corporate culture.
  • Transposed values and rules to concrete, living actions.
  • Systematic talent development to qualify your talents for future responsibilities.
  • Improved personal decision-making ability and deeper insight into value added, client-oriented management at all hierarchical levels.
  • Enabled personnel reaching beyond concrete initiative, resulting in improved future day-to-day business actions and robust corporate alignment.

Scenarios for Acornpark®-Seminare:

Leadership and Management in Client-Oriented Organizations

Customer excellence is part of corporate strategy. It requires orienting all activities towards external and internal clients. This is strongly reflected and driven by the leadership and management behavior of executives and managers. Whether for classic executive development or as part of institutionalized personnel work: Our program achieves rapid effects with clear strategy and situation related focus.

Examples of challenging initiatives with strategic consequences are:

–> Strategic and/or operational re-orientation e.g. post leadership change
–> International and domestic expansion
–> Innovation management
–> Restructuring, crisis management
–> Interdisciplinary project management
–> Integration of purchased companies (M&A)
–> Spin off of company units (carve outs)
–> Cultural change

The success of these initiatives is highly dependent on how effectively the integrated protagonists deal with leadership responsibility and decision-making authority. This, again, is dependent on how qualified, authorized and motivated they are.

Leadership and Management Excellence Requires Special Equipment

Not every executive is a brave decision maker, not every project leader is a good conflict solver and not every expert is a skilled communicator. Some studied leadership, communication or management techniques are suddenly no longer valid because basic fundamentals have changed. Special situations require a special approach. For successful change management, one needs appropriate tools: Effective management techniques and the capacity to quickly make the right decisions and implement them vigorously.

Interim managers are particularly utilized when coping with crises and restructuring. This often makes sense in the short term but is not a long term solution. In addition, not every executive can be substituted. It is existentially important for a company that particularly its established leadership keeps pace.

Transfer Values and Strategic Targets into Concrete Actions

Many organizations today have a strategic mission statement with corresponding values, behavioral rules and corporate targets. It is by no means self evident that such mission statements are successfully applied in daily business. The main reason for this often lies in the protagonists’ lack of concrete knowledge of shaping the values and behavioral rules on site. Executives and employees are not conscious of which actions and behavioral patterns comply with or infringe on mission statements in given situations. The result is an erosion of corporate culture, which can eventually lead to disorientation or compliance transgressions and economic problems.

We take inventory with our clients, develop concrete patterns of action and instruct these on a sustained basis using our special method. This inspires the desired mission statement as value creating corporate culture, characterized by targeted behavior.

In Class, Digital and as a Blended Learning Solution: All Methods with Sustained Effect

Each human being is known to be different. Therefore the executive who is proactive, authoritative and a skilled communicator - all at the same time and at all levels - is an ideal. This is why we take an even closer look at the qualification required for meeting this ideal as much as possible.

Powerful Method Mix: From Personalized Training to E-Learning

We qualify the involved protagonists in the relevant management techniques. Accordingly, they advance strategic initiatives in a targeted manner: Swiftly and long-term at all management and in all functional areas. Our spectrum, from which we tailor an individual program, reaches from presentation to negotiation to appraisal interviews in conflict situations (to name a few dimensions). Top managers must cope with other decision-making and communications situations as the on site team experts. We therefore offer the entire range of our methods from personal instruction to simulation training and our multimedia learning tool. Each protagonist in the change process can tap into his/her maximal potential and have an added value effect.

Accompany Change from Start to Completion

If necessary we also support our clients during the entire strategic initiative by planning the complete project, co-navigating, reflecting and giving the protagonists additional impetus: As a partner, counterbalance and expert until successful completion.