Develop and Retain Your Talents

Attracting, developing and retaining talent has become a key discipline for companies and also the public sector. There is now too short a supply of high-performing and capable junior team members to take their retention in the organization for granted. We are your partner for tailor-made and sustainable talent development, by individually applying all our experience and variable people-related methods according to your demands.

Your Advantages Through This Service:

  • Development and promotion of your junior staff in interpersonal and management-related topics.
  • Addressing the individual needs of each talent in personal measures through to individual coaching.
  • Supporting and guiding talents on internal career paths in alignment with institutionalized personnel development.
  • Support and guidance of talents in accepting additional responsibility and the possible decision for a further, classic or specialist management career.
  • Motivation through exchange with a neutral, unbiased authority consisting of experienced and sympathetic consultants.
  • Successive and sustainable gain in self-awareness, sovereignty and competence – and a lasting positive identification with you as an employer.

More on young talents and modern career paths

In the light of New Work, more and more companies are realizing that they need to offer alternative career models. The fact is that the generation of young professionals is not willing to accept just any employment contract. A certain expectation of employers in terms of salary, variety and, above all, the meaning of the activities and also compensatory time off has been a trend for years that cannot be dismissed out of hand.

It is also striking that even many exceptionally talented people no longer see the classic career path to the top as their preferred career goal. They are content with less responsibility – or at least subjectively want to feel that way – and some do not even want to embark on a leadership career.

Existence as a recognized expert and the associated pleasure of deepening their specialist field is quite enough for them.

What does this mean for companies' recruitment strategy and self-presentation? First of all, no one can expect structures that may have evolved over decades to change overnight. That works rarely enough, even in crises that threaten the existence of the company. But there can be no such thing as "Keep it up!" either, in which case applicants and the talent already hired will vote with their feet sooner rather than later: They leave the company or do not join at all.

So it is advisable for companies to respond to the new trends, at least to a certain extent, and develop alternative career and work models. Many companies have recognized this and are already taking action.

But it is important to keep a sense of proportion. An organization cannot tolerate too much change and, at worst, it may come across as chumming up, especially to the target group – because they are not naïve and know how little there often is behind big promises. In addition, many classic roles in an organization cannot be undermined by legislation alone. For example, a company needs a management team or a board of directors; a certain responsibility cannot be shifted or ignored. So creating a dream world for newcomers, talents and young experts, just to make them stay for the time being, is not an option.

The circumstances are thus complicated, but the realization and the will to move toward each other is the first step toward a solution!