*** Executive Enablement with Acornpark® Consulting Workshops ***

High Output Workshop

***Sustainable results, developed together***

We guide you through the typical challenges of the new multi-hybrid working world around leadership, OKR and change. In addition to process support, we offer to work on specific issues, such as supporting the creation of product and sprint backlogs or the development of minimum viable products or the introduction of objectives & key results (OKR).

Change & Leadership Workshops

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Outcome Design Workshop

***Defining and achieving strategic goals***

While output refers primarily to productivity – albeit targeted – in modern management, outcome stands for the end goals to be achieved. These are considered in a specific, usually longer-term cycle. Outcome is less a product than a desired state or status quo, that creates value. This can be a strategic positioning, a certain corporate culture or the successful introduction of a product.

In our workshops, we develop with you your desired outcome and the way to achieve it. In our approach, we consider structure, process and culture in a holistic solution.

Change & Leadership Workshops

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Power Workshop OKR & High Output Scout

***Getting to know the concept of High Output through OKR***

Our introductory workshop with certification as Acornpark® OKR & High Output Scout: If you are interested in Objectives & Key Results as a management approach and framework in your organization, this workshop gives orientation. As a partner of Betterworks™, the company of OKR co-inventor John Doerr, we offer you unique insights into the world of OKR and guide you how to achieve outstanding success in the new hybrid working world.

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