*** Seminars & Certifications ***

Power Workshop OKR & High Output Scout

***Getting to know the advantages of OKR***

Our introductory workshop with certification as Acornpark® OKR & High Output Scout: If you are interested in Objectives & Key Results as a management approach and framework in your organization, this workshop gives orientation. As a partner of Betterworks™, the company of OKR co-inventor John Doerr, we offer you unique insights into the world of OKR and guide you how to achieve outstanding success in the new hybrid working world.

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OKR Leader Certification

***According to the standards of Betterworks endorsed by John Doerr***

Your qualification with certificate for highly effective leadership in OKR-driven organizations. Integrated in this course, the OKR Shepherd and Acornpark® OKR Expert degrees are earned.

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OKR Shepherd Certification

***According to the standards of Betterworks™ endorsed by John Doerr***

Your qualification with certificate to supervise an organization around OKR with the highest professional competence. Integrated in this course the additional qualification Acornpark® OKR Expert is earned.

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High Output Leadership - the Top Executive Seminar

***Including certificate: Leading in a new dimension***

The modern working world is becoming increasingly multi-hybrid: agility and linearity have to be integrated just as much as presence time and home office. The resulting dynamics place new demands on managers. Our High Output Leadership program enables you to achieve excellent results in the new working world, from the top of the company to on-site in the team.

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