Leadership and Corporate Culture

In the agile world, leadership no longer means imposing targets, but providing orientation - and giving the team as much room for self-organisation as possible. This does not necessarily mean that established leadership instruments become superfluous, but managers must apply them in a modified way and develop a new convincing approach to leadership embracing agility.

Your Advantages Through This Service at a Glance:

  • Training, coaching and qualifying of your executives, expertes and talents in selected success-critical leadership and management disciplines:
    –> Key tasks of leaders in a customer-centric organization
    –> Leaders' rhetoric and communication
    –> Convincing appearance and acting as top manager
    –> High impact presentation
    –> Effective problem solving
    –> Decision making management
    –> Meeting management
    –> Change management
    –> Project management
    –> Conflict resolution
  • Course content tailored to your requirement and personal, business and process level.
  • Optimal preparation of your young talents for taking on leadership responsibilities.
  • Presentation and assessment of real-life case studies combined with intensive practical exercises of how to apply new behavior and action properly – following a very hands-on and fast-effective approach.
  • Through VISCARO™, our multimedia learning system, facilitation of a lasting and regularly updated knowledge transfer to all participants. Plus, large groups in multiple locations can easily be reached using the online version.