Our Complete Customer Excellence Program

Customer excellence is an indispensable premise for a pre-eminently successful business. Those companies that service customers optimally and also influence them with respect to future trends will inevitably become champions in their field. This is especially true for technically oriented companies with closely connected supply chains.

In 2015 we already completed a corresponding, fundamental first-time study with hidden champions from technical industries. This was published in The Harvard Business manager (German edition of the Harvard Business Review) and shows the subject's relevance.

Based on our findings we facilitate customer excellence for our clients within an integrated and proven program. Take a quick look at our systems and some impressions from assignments at our clients’ sites:

(1) Identifying your customer excellence potential

The analysis is conducted as part of our Management Review, that is tailored to our clients‘ individual needs.

Through the data base of our Acornpark Client Scorecard™ we can compare your organization with a number of global market leaders. This way, you get on the hand an individual report of your status quo and at the same time the opportunity of a selective or general benchmark.

Selecting dimensions and criteria together with the client:

  • Product, product groups, services
  • Customer groups, regions
  • Leadership behavior and management skills
  • Process and organization
[Example: Pre-selection of parameters after mutual discussion]

Management Review: executing analysis

  • Expert interviews, with our client and their customers
  • Acornpark Client Scorecard™: benchmark with the best
  • Multi-moment study
  • Process visualization, value stream analysis
[Multi-moment studies are executed solely by our senior experts]
[Excerpt: Matrix of appraisal on personal skills]
[Excerpt: Results sheet of Acornpark Client Scorecard™]

(2) Solution design on a partnership basis

Our solution process is a combination of collecting internal organic concepts with the requirements resulting from key performance indicators. Through this two-sided approach we achieve the highest possible appreciation of the people involved as well as an optimum effect of the solution.

Jointly design and assess solution concepts

  • Robust data corpus and benchmark with the best
  • Individual calibration of analysis results Mutual solution design at workshops
  • Multi-dimensional holistic and bespoke solutions
  • Recruiting of execution team and – if necessary – additional service providers
[All Consulting Workshops are led by our senior experts]
[Acornpark Client Scorecard™: marked action fields are to be optimized]

(3) Powerful implementation with lasting effect

We implement our measures tailored to clients‘ needs in three dimensions: process, organization and behavior. By including structural and human factors we achieve a holistic effect that is lastingly driven by the clients’ executives and staff. For services which we do not provide ourselves – such as IT – we function as the orchestrating project coach and controller.

Catchy and lucid process documentation

  • One page process plans
  • Individual instruction
  • Card decks and digital versions as PDF
[Smartly reduced process documentation for immediate overview and grasp]

Qualifying and developing your executives and team

  • Training 
  • Coaching
  • Blended Learning with VISCARO™: up to 1,000 users per setup
  • Web-based stimuli and updating through VISCARO™ Impulse Runs
  • Best Practices Workshops
[Trainings and presentations are solely performed by our senior experts]
[VISCARO™: e-learning with individually composed web cards]
[VISCARO™: individual action cards deck, also for own notes]
[Lasting effect: playful tests through quiz function]

Our unique offer has an integrated form with the proven tools of Acornpark Experts. We can therefore help you quickly achieve an excellent, effective and lasting client-related organization.

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