Sales – from Innovation to Distribution

In the agile world, new rules apply to sales: the sales organization must adapt to shorter product life cycles and rapidly changing customer requirements. The fastest are often the winners and less often the ones with the most sophisticated (but not customer-oriented) solution.

Your Advantages Through This Service at a Glance:

  • Excellence at any stage of the complete value chain from product innovation to multi-channel distribution.
  • Professionally trained sales and marketing staff, aligned with the latest customer demands based on the Leaderspoint® market analyses: Confident appearance and manner in all situations.
  • Excellence in all relevant core competencies and skills:
    –> How to appear poised, mentally strong, confident and impressing
    –> Acquisition talks, trade show appearance
    –> Presentation skills
    –> Advising customers, counseling interview
    –> Leading negotiations
    –> Closing talks, achieve goal, making the deal
    –> Project execution, support client
    –> Crisis talks, complaint management
    –> Finding solution, make supplementary agreement
    –> Key account management
    –> Service communication
  • Improve sales management with capable and skilled executives, marketing and sales staff.
  • Evaluate and optimize processes in Marketing & Sales.
  • Evaluate and optimize customers and marketing strategies.
  • Success-oriented and strategy-related leadership culture in Marketing & Sales.
  • VISCARO™ provides digital and handbook supported immersion and expand marketing and product knowledge.
  • Efficiently reach large target groups, long-term consolidation of competencies; smooth or consistent controlling through integrated performance tests.