Technology Marketing & Communikation

We are your partner for either promoting your products in Germany or the European Union or identifying, contacting and selecting technology and business partners in Germany and beyond. Technology marketing and the related target group-oriented communication is complex and has a significant cultural dimension – as experienced consultants we support you at any stage of your project.

Your Advantages Through This Service:

  • Contact Management with potential customers and technology partners, from initial approach to negotiation phase and daily operations after contract closing.
  • Moderating, leading or co-conducting technology, performance and cost assessment on required solution or product to verify or improve the business case.
  • Project management and supervision, if parts, modules or complete products are either built or assembled in Germany or other European countries.
  • Comprehensive supplier risk analyses in all vital dimensions (product quality, process stability, availability, financials etc.).
  • Comprehensive analyses of competing technologies either in the same region (mainly Germany) or at the same key suppliers, headquartered in Germany or Europe.
  • Project management on technology transfers with respect to technical, time and commercial issues.
  • Search, pre-selection and qualification of suppliers in Germany and EU or globally in specific cases.
  • Management and co-management of complete commercial processes including acquisition talks, offer phase, negotiations, closing and aftercare.
  • Legal advice at all levels and in all relevant jurisdictions in Germany and in selected other countries (through legal partners).
  • Introduction of products to the EU market including safeguarding that all certifications are obtained and requirements are met.
  • Enablement of technology transfer as an intermediary or distributor (in special cases and in alignment with export law).
  • Training personnel on how to interact with German business partners and authorities including presentation, management and leadership skills.
  • Selection and orchestration of 3rd parties.
  • Translation and localization services in German and English for presentation on the web and on documents.