Purchineering as Driver of Innovation

Your Advantages Through This Service at a Glance:

Over the past 10 to 15 years, purchasing has focused intensively on streamlining supplier portfolios and cost savings. That was and is important.

As digitalization progresses, however, another competence is moving to the fore: the stronger internal and, on a case-by-case basis, external networking of purchasing to generate added value as a knowledge carrier and knowledge communicator. In close collaboration with the development department and other corporate functions, the purchasing function merges into a value driver through purchineering:

  • We position your procurement function as a strategic knowledge manager and partner for all other operational and research/development areas and units within the company.
  • In this way, we allocate strategically relevant knowledge in your company to enable a precisely tailored value stream of knowledge, information and material 'end-to-end' (not only 'buy where?' but more 'buy what?').
  • Beyond improving the process, we develop purchasers on a personal level into innovation partners in your company, for example in the dimensions of communication, pro-active networking, presentation, and leadership.
  • Procurement becomes an institutionalized and not just opportunistic or random innovation partner – if needed also externally partnering with suppliers, as a participator or even co-driver of innovation networks.
  • The new purchasing order is no longer just ‘best sourcing’ in the sense of minimizing costs or risks; it is ‘best concept’ in the sense of a genuine project partnership and meticulous overall product planning through to pro-active delivery.
  • Purchasing acts permanently as a value-added partner at eye level - at level 5.0 - and no longer just as a cost optimizer or executing procurer.