OKR Maturity Analysis: How Fit is Your Organization

By means of a targeted and systematic as-is analysis within our OKR consulting, you will receive a basis for decision-making regarding the introduction of OKR. We map the criteria of John Doerr to your organization in order to obtain the optimal results. In this way, we ensure that you start your OKR project exactly where you will achieve the greatest effect and become operational most quickly.

Guiding Questions of Our OKR Maturity Analysis

  • Do the company goals match the vision, mission and values of the strategic planning?
  • How well is the implementation of goals working in your organization?
  • Do you have too many internal projects and initiatives that urgently need to be prioritized?
  • What effect does the incentive and compensation system have on the achievement of corporate goals?
  • Is your existing goal system based on traditional goal cascading or already on agile goal management?
  • Do corporate culture and mindset enable the change to a learning organization?
  • What contribution does IT make to performance management?
  • Does the implementation of a pilot project already make sense or do further measures need to be taken - if so, which ones?

OKR Power Workshop: First Insights & Case Studies

You don't know yet whether OKR is the right approach for you? We will give you some initial insights: Reaping sustainable benefits in the new world of work requires new management tools. This is where OKR in particular is starting to establish itself. The first leading companies are already using OKR worldwide. Acornpark as a partner of Betterworks™, the company of OKR co-inventor John Doerr, offers you unique insights into the world of OKR and guides you how to achieve outstanding success in the new hybrid working world.

Your certificate: Acornpark® OKR & High Output Scout

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OKR Leadership Workshop

We work with your selected executives, managers and experts at your site for 2 intensive days. In this process, we prepare your decision to introduce, improve or control OKR through Betterworks™. You will receive a detailed status-quo report including risk-opportunity assessment 1-2 weeks after the workshop, prepared as a clear decision paper, OKR Review or OKR project plan to introduce OKR (pilot project).

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