Frequently Asked Questions about Betterworks and Acornpark

Objectives & Key Results, or OKR, is gaining popularity as a management system or so-called framework for collaboration. But what are the measurable benefits of OKR?

A study by Deloitte found that organizations that use OKR systematically are significantly more successful than others. For example, they achieve their revenue or cost targets up to 1.4 times faster and implement change up to 4.9 times faster.

We don't have any experience with OKR in the company yet, do you still advise us?

Yes. We even have a special analysis workshop in our program to find out if OKR fits your organization and if so, where and how exactly. We can also qualify and certify your leaders and teams to implement and use OKR, authorized to Betterworks™ standards endorsed by John Doerr.

We are already using OKR, would you still be able to deliver value to us?

We can work with you to further optimize your use of OKR or train your executives and teams. In addition, as a certified Betterworks™ partner, we offer you support around the software, which allows you to easily control and scale your OKR activities via the cloud.

What are the advantages of using Betterworks software?

With the Betterworks software, you achieve the fastest possible introduction and optimal control of OKR in your company. You get a very effective lever with impact beyond individual teams into the entire organization.

Do you also work for us if we already use other software?

Yes, in principle you may use any software solution. However, we can only offer or arrange software-related support for Betterworks.

Why did you choose Betterworks as your partner?

We consider Betterworks to be the most powerful software for managing OKR, especially for medium-sized and larger organisations.

Is Betterworks limited to managing OKR?

No, Betterworks can be used as a system for performance management even without implementing the OKR framework. Betterworks also enables systematic and direct communication within the company, across all hierarchical levels if desired. Even surveys can be easily managed with Betterworks. This faster and simpler communication than with almost any other system has a positive impact on all areas and activities of the company. This is why Betterworks is also used as a system for CFR (= Conversations, Feedback, Recognition) within performance management.

Can you advise or train us without software?

Of course. OKR and performance management as such is not bound to software. However, we would like to point out that with Betterworks you can leverage decisive economies of scale and create the transparency necessary to control the achievement of objectives. We like to compare this with the preparation of balance sheets - you certainly do not use a slide rule for this, but a professional software solution.

Where do you get your competence from, if the topic of OKR is still new?

First of all, all of our colleagues at Acornpark have many years of consulting and professional experience. The Managing Partners are also among the first graduates of the Betterworks OKR Master (endorsed by John Doerr) in the German-speaking world and have thus obtained the original US qualification. Through our partner Betterworks™ we also have access to a rich and international pool of projects around OKR. Together, we have  persuasive references.

Apart from the software, how do you differ from other service providers? What is your USP?

As official partners of Betterworks™, we offer the standards of John Doerr, the inventor of the OKR framework in its modern form, in all our services around OKR. Thus, we represent the original.

Do you deliver all services, programs and certifications in Europe in English?

Yes, both verbally in classroom or workshops and in all documentation.

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