Betterworks in the Cloud (SaaS)

Betterworks is a cloud-based performance management software with server locations in the European Union. Betterworks maps a company's goal management very efficiently and enables very easy company-wide communication around progress and goal achievement. Betterworks has been optimized for use with OKR, but Betterworks is compatible with any other performance management approach.

Control OKR with highest efficiency

Keep your organization highly motivated and productive: Provide everyone in the organization with the optimal network and opportunity to create and contribute value.

Goal setting and alignment

  • Set, articulate and align Objectives and Key Results
  • Align OKRs with everyone on the team
  • Transparently track and communicate progress in real time
  • Seamlessly connect with other software in the organization

Communicate regularly for real-time adjustments

  • Ensure OKR achievement through regular communication on progress
  • Templates help executives, project leaders and managers ask the right questions
  • Continuous communication enabled by Betterworks - across all distances and work types - ensures the entire workforce is constantly evolving and improving performance

Support with every software module and feature

  • In-product coaching guides your team through every process
  • Instant access to an online knowledge base and community support
  • Live and on-demand webinars to help you design and implement your OKR program