Objectives & Key Results (OKR)

With our program Performance Management by OKR, we take you to the top or help you defend your top position. We deliver customized and highly effective programs, classic and digital.

Maturity Analysis: Ready for OKR? Or Willing To Improve?

By means of a targeted and systematic as-is analysis, you will receive a basis for decision-making around the introduction of OKR. In doing so, we map John Doerr's criteria to your organization in order to obtain the optimal results.

OKR Training & Certification

We offer you an exclusive seminar and coaching program around OKR and High Output Leadership. Lift your organization to a new level of performance with us!

Implementing Your OKR Solution

We implement your individual OKR framework with you, exactly in the form, breadth and depth that you need. In doing so, John Doerr's motto "Execution is Everything" is our True North!

Easily Set and Manage Goals

By aligning all employees with the company's top goals, true motivation is created because everybody knows at any stage the purpose of the ongoing activities. (Module "Goals and Alignment")

Improved Performance Through More Effective Communication

Permanent and rapid alignment between executives and their teams around set goals keeps motivation high - and ensures that these goals are achieved. (Module "Continuous Conversations")

Rapid Feedback and Effective Knowledge Management

Keep motivation high with personal recognition: give and get timely and easy feedback with Betterworks™ to keep all leaders and teams focused and everyone growing along with their tasks. (Module "Engage")

Optimizing the Allocation and Impact of Your Resources

Meaningful insights and evaluations quickly show where goal achievement is impeded or where teams need additional support - your organization will be better, faster and stronger. (Module "Insights and Analytics")

Ongoing Personnel Development

Identify the developmental status of your staff through up-to-date inventories and feedback. (Module "Calibration")