From Knowledge to Performance

The Acornpark Experts translate your goals into results and make your company fit for the ever challenging future.

We help you establish an organizational design and a culture of seamless collaboration and customer focus, in which relevant knowledge as a strategic resource is systematically identified and willingly shared. Through this holistic approach, we streamline processes, enable leaders and their teams, increase an organization’s ability to innovate and drive change initiatives.

Knowledge As A Strategic Resource

Progressive digitalization has made most companies feel conflicted about an ensured future. Particularly industry 4.0 and Internet-of-Things/IoT increase the complexity of capturing and transferring knowledge in almost all corporate functions. Companies can only benefit from this however, when increasingly smart systems and integrated individuals interact with each other in an expedient manner.

Clearly recognized customer needs remain entirely classic as the driving force of all processes. A successful company serves external and internal customers very effectively and in a forward thinking way, both today and prospectively with a qualified, responsible team: namely traditionally as well as digitally. With us you will have an experienced and competent partner for quickly and systematically achieving this team.

Tailored Programs

Our programs include qualifying executives, experts and talents individually in selected, relevant management competencies. Derived by thoroughly analyzing your company and situation we design content, duration and methodology of our measures exclusively based on your requirements and status-quo. If necessary, we drive complete change initiatives including qualifying employees, optimizing processes and organization, customizing to cultures and supporting projects.

Sustainability Through Interactive Learning

We highly effectively implement our programs with the help of our unique toolset VISCARO™, especially when a large and international audience has to be reached. After years of experience we consider a multi-media and multi-channel approach the only way to achieve lasting people-related results. Accordingly, we support your leaders and staff as individual as possible to guarantee you an optimal outcome at minimal costs.

By enabling your people to foster your individual corporate culture aligned with your strategic goals we help you achieve an edge over your competitors that cannot be copied easily.