Success Through Our People Power™ Concept

Our goal is enabling successful, effective strategy implementation as well as creating a customer-oriented, agile corporate culture. Which is why we only accept mandates with people-related components, which have to be preferably solved with external support. Our internationally tested approach is called Acornpark People Power™ – the optimal qualifier and motivator for all participants.

We use an individual, needs and situation based method mix:

  • Expert interview and expert talk with case study character
  • Acornpark Client Scorecard™
  • Multi-moment study
  • Process visualization and value stream analysis
  • Workshop and moderation
  • Training, if required with realistic case studies and role playing
  • Coaching, preferably based on realistic situations/tasks
  • Best practice documentation
  • VISCARO™: E-Learning and online help desk (also as multiplier concept)
  • VISCARO™ Blended Learning (also as multiplier concept)

Our methods and tools are self-developed in part, for example our web-based tool VISCARO™. The careful selection of our approach and instruments combined with the proven competence of our team guarantees you maximally effective and efficient service.