What Sets Us Apart

Our Credo: "Value Creation from the Core"

What distinguishes us and reinforces our team spirit is our lead method, to which all Acornpark colleagues have committed themselves: the "creation of value from the core". We actively involve your team at every stage of the consulting process. Even before we take the first step, we will take e deep dive into your business model, your strategic positioning and your specific needs, learning from your point of view. Only based on this understanding, widely accepted and inspiring solutions can be found. Consequently, we work solely embedded in your teams, not as a separate entity.

7 Good Reasons to Engage Us

Our partners drive your projects – on the operational level, that is. This hands-on approach guarantees highest quality and reliable contacts for all our clients. We concentrate mainly on companies in technical industries or with a technology-based business. Our orders usually contain a knowledge-intensive plus an interaction-intensive component. At the interface of man, technology and process, we give you seven good reasons to work with us:

  • Versatile, professionally experienced experts as your solutions partners.
  • Comprehensive industry tested solutions (Good & Best Practice).
  • Work on test cases which are relevant for you, integrated into your strategy.
  • Qualified and honest feedback, tailor-made development of your teams.
  • Programs and solutions, which can be both scaled and individualized.
  • Multimedia, practice-oriented and therefore intuitive method.
  • Regular boosts and refreshers on the job.

The Name "Acornpark"

Our headquarters are in Dortmund: no longer the centre of the beer, coal and steel industry, but an innovative location for high technology, microsystems technology and logistics - and also very green, characterized by oak trees.

Just as the city has reinvented itself through technological innovations and the conversion of landmark buildings like the "Dortmunder U", nature – which is vital for us humans – follows it. We have included this symbol of change, future orientation and the robustness of a mighty oak that grows from the smallest acorns, in our name. It is the essential promise to our clients who we accompany on their way to a successful future.